Provocateurs Communications

Provocateur Communications is a dynamic team of
creators who specialize in crafting and managing
communications projects.

Our goal is simple - Provoke Conversation

Based in Montréal, we can work
with clients in English and French,
in person or remotely, to develop
strategies that can attract attention
to your brand.

The Provocateurs will channel
their energy into a coherent plan
to meet your communications
goals, while arriving on budget.

Our extended family includes: journalists, comedians, ART DIRECTORS, event planners and other creative minds.

journalists, comedians, art directors,
event planners and other creative minds.

PR is not just for multinationals helping sea
turtles covered in crude oil or celebrities with
sexting addictions.
Having experienced media professionals
on the team is essential to understanding
what will get the media's attention and what
won't. It's one thing to get coverage – that's
the easy part.
Ensuring that the coverage will boost your brand instead of weakening it is a bit more challenging. There's a popular saying that you have undoubtedly heard before:
Any publicity is good publicity - well, it's a myth
The goal is to start a constructive conversation; to, above all, create a positive discourse surrounding your brand. That can be accomplished through events like publicity stunts, or more low-key forms of communication like press releases or blog posts.
If you did hurt some sea turtles or simply have been the
victim of drive-by smears online, Provocateur can work
in reverse to mitigate the damage with intelligent
PR disaster relief.
It's time to get back to basics
The importance of solid, smooth writing and proper grammar can't be understated; it's somewhat of an obsession for us.
It's one thing to have the skills to create splashy visuals, but we also have the brainpower to add substance to style. While a picture may be worth a thousand words, carefully crafted words will help you see the big picture.
The wordsmiths at Provocateur will help you create or edit copy for the web, as well as for social and conventional media. We offer speech writing and coaching to ensure your audience will be more captivated than comatose.
The Provocateurs have also teamed up with experienced public speakers, like actors and comedians, who can help you bring that presentation to the next level, and maybe get a few laughs along the way.
For more adventurous speakers, we could very well be the only
communications firm to offer professional Roasting.
It comes in 3 flavours - mild, hot and satan
Forget about cupkaes and champagne toasts - it's time to roast
We have the perfect ingredient to take your celebration to the next level. Roasting is a unique and unforgettable way to honour a loved one while reminding them of their imperfections.
This isn't for everyone
A Roast is a hybrid tribute/stand-up comedy routine that, in equal measure, highlights the roastee's strengths and weaknesses, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. The ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable in his or her own skin and can take some heat.
The Roasting process varies depending on the client: We will always consult family and friends of the roastee to develop material. This can be done with or without the roastee's knowledge. Often, the roastee will even provide material for the roast and work with us on a counter-roast.
The Roaster will also vary. It can be a well-spoken friend or colleague, a spouse or a child. Provocateur has partnered with many veteran comedians of all backgrounds who can serve as Masters of Ceremony, delivering the material as only a pro can.
They're not just clients - meet our friends

Becoming a friend of the Provocateurs is not a
simple transaction. It's a lasting, mutually-beneficial
partnership. We'll be here when you need us.
We have your back.

Dan Delmar - Co-founder & Managing Partner

Delmar is a news nerd with a passion for communications and roughly one decade of experience in print, radio, television and online media. He has strong opinions and makes a point of not shying away from controversy, as long as it's constructive and doesn't disappoint his mother.

He is a contributor with The National Post (and its Full Comment blog), The Métropolitain, and a talk-show host and commentator with Montreal's CJAD 800, and occasionally on Toronto's Newstalk 1010.

After studying cinema, communications, marketing and journalism, he began his professional life as a news reporter with The Suburban and has also worked as a television host on Montreal's former CH channel.

He enjoys Polish vodka, pretentious cuisine and boasts about having dated two opera singers. Both sopranos, by the way. @delmarhasissues

Dan Delmar - Co-founder & Managing Partner

A natural-born maverick, Shapransky is a sharp-witted writing machine with a talent for expressing himself in 140 characters or less.

He has spent the better part of his professional life in managerial roles, most recently for, the Internet's largest hockey retailer.

He started at the company as a glorified lackey while studying political science and journalism. Before long, he became a leader of men, overseeing a diverse team of employees as operations manager while balancing marketing duties. Shapransky is now the vice-president (communications) of IceJerseys. He has also dabbled in journalism and comedy writing.

He loves chocolate milk despite being unable to tolerate lactose and maintains that purchasing a game-used Derek Jeter batting glove was a sound investment. @theshapshow