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Delmar: Don’t be afraid to hit ‘delete’

Over-sharing in an era of peak connectedness is common. Unfiltered emotion and half-developed theses are routinely tossed onto social media platforms with great ease. If we’re so quick to share, why, then, is there still a stigma surrounding unsharing?

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50 pieces of advice from Quebec’s top entrepreneurs

One of the more rewarding podcasts we’ve put together was for our friends at accounting/business advisory firm Fuller Landau. They’ve recently put “50 Pieces of Advice for Today’s Entrepreneur” online and we had to share it as well. Over six seasons, Provocateur’s Dan Delmar and Fuller Landau’s Josh Miller have been profiling some of Quebec’s most successful and inspiring business people on the Today’s Entrepreneur radio show, which airs Mondays at 7pm on CJAD 800 Montreal.

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